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Testimonials that demonstrate the positive connection that can be developed between pet sitters and their clients.

Linda of Precious Pets has made it possible for me to live my busy life while still providing the best care for my two sweet fur babies. My job takes me out of town often and I never have to worry because I know Linda has everything under control. She's flexible around my schedule, including when my flights back home are delayed, and she takes excellent care of my two kittens - feeding, cleaning, playing and cuddles. She even brings in the mail. We all love her like family and trust her completely.


Melissa G.

"For ten or twelve years, Linda was my away-from-home pet sitter for my cat.  She was wonderful!  The written logs she would leave me after each visit were always a treat to read when I got home; her attention to each and every detail was amazing!   As he got older, my fuzzy-buddy started to have 'intestinal issues' that the vet had little (if any) success in treating.  I contacted Linda and she kindly sent out emails to her pet-sitter friends around the country.  Linda called me a few days later with all their thoughts, suggestions and words of comfort.  And once, while I had to be away (at a time that he really wasn't doing well) she even called me to give me an update!  She has a most caring heart. I trust her completely and she is an absolute joy to know. 


Toby Decouteau (1).bmp

Precious Pets is great!  Linda is an extremely caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable pet sitter.  I have been a long-time client, spanning over 12 years and two very different cats, who both love Linda.  My current cat Toby is a playful young boy, and Linda makes sure he has playtime.  It is a great comfort to know that he is so well cared for while I’m away.  I enjoy receiving her daily updates.  We highly recommend Precious Pets!


Sue D. and Toby

"Thank you for taking such good care of our cat.  She is somewhat of a challenge, but we love her and want her properly cared for while we are away  - you give so much comfort in that regard. We never have to worry when we are away."

L. P.

"I don't know what we'll do without you when we move. You're such a great substitute kitty mom! Thanks from all of us!"

John and Cathy


Linda is a remarkable, superior pet and house sitter. Linda cared for our “Abby”, our seventeen-year-old, seven-pound chihuahua for two weeks at Linda’s cozy home. 


While we were away, Linda also kept careful watch on our house with routine security checks. Three months before we left for Grand Canyon, Linda willingly agreed to care for Abby intermittently both at our house and her house. In short order, Linda became familiar with Abby’s needs and personality, AND Abby formed a loving trust with Linda. This put us tremendously at ease during our trip. 


Linda went above and beyond our expectations while we were away - we received photos of Abby and frequent text and email updates reporting on Abby and our house. Abby received the “royal treatment” including cuddly sweaters and dog blankets!


We highly recommend Linda as a pet sitter and house watcher. She is very honest, reliable, caring, trustworthy and very passionate in the care that she provides. We whole-heartedly recommended Linda  – she is a rare treasure!!  


Happily Submitted by:

Richard & Marcia Y.

Teensy 1 (2).jpg

"You were so thoughtful when you took care of me, made certain I had enough to eat and, was walked and best of all I had a perfect spot to see through the window so I could watch the neighborhood! Thanks  LINDA"

Teensy the dog



 I, like many reading this, have no easy way to say how hard it is to leave my best friends in the hands of someone else. Nothing can make you feel as hopeless as when we trust someone to do the job we promised to do for the ones who love us unconditionally.  And so my story begins....

After living in North Florida for about 24 years I was asked to help my employer support a project in CT for a few months…maybe six. Over the years my kitties, Maggie and Simba, enjoyed occasional road trips in my RV and this would be an adventure. 


After committing to the job I had a meltdown.  How were Maggie and Simba going to handle being cooped up in my RV for 6 months when their life style was lounging around a screened in pool !?


As it turned out, 6 Months turned into 5 years in the RV and because of the support I got from Precious Pets, I had two very happy cats.  I had many occasions when I had to do off site work a week at a time and in some cases it was during the worst conditions in New England.  During one Blizzard while I was away, Linda was concerned for a power outage and took the little refugees, Maggie and Simba, into her shelter (home).  They sure liked that and on several occasions after that, it was like a real resort for them.  Maggie liked the girl company and Simba just rolled his eyes (actually he liked Girl Company too). 


But the great service did not stop there.  I believe our pets miss us when we are not around but I always found them very happy when I got home.  I can truly say the visits are just that, visits.  Not a five minute open the can, clean the litter box and out.  There was play time, brushing, and conversation. 


One service that made me feel better when I was gone, was the daily E-mail updates of how they were doing.  This was invaluable to me and I knew they were in good hands.


The piece of mind knowing Linda was there in case of a system failure in the RV during extreme weather conditions and as simple as knowing the screened windows could be open so they could feel the breeze on their little faces.

I didn't look forward to being away from my pets but Precious Pets made it tolerable.  Now that we are back in Florida, I doubt I will ever find someone as good as Linda.  We had the best and were fortunate to find her.


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