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Why I created "Super Visits"

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Burger King ain't got nothing on me - I can supersize too!

When presented with a dilemma I thought and thought and finally, it dawned on me: "Hey, if Burger King can 'supersize' their menu, why can't I?" So I did.

I came up with the idea of "Super Visits" after being in the pet sitting business for about two years.

Pet sitters create their businesses any way they'd like. It is one of the perks of being a business owner. Some pet sitters offer overnights in the clients' homes among their list of services. However, overnights were not something I offered.

As my business grew, more clients were asking for overnights, but for a number of reasons, I didn't want to do them. Maybe I'll write a blog post on the reasons why in the future.

I also wanted to meet the needs of my clients. They wanted me to give their pets more time. Some of their pets needed more care than just a 30-35 minute pet visit and some clients just wanted their pets to have more time with their pet sitter.

One day I came up with what I think was a brilliant idea - the idea of a Super Visit. I want to share that with you now - so if you are a pet sitter - feel free to steal this idea.

In lieu of overnights I decided to offer extended visits during my off-peak pet sitting hours of breakfast/dinnertime visits. A Super Visit was two hours long - four more times (approx) longer than a regular pet visit. I offered them usually from 10 - noon and again from 6 - 8 pm and sometimes 3 - 5 pm. If I had a more relaxed schedule I might tweak the times. Super Visits typically did not happen during feeding times - if it did it meant I had a very easy schedule that day.

Duties during a Super Visit went beyond the typical pet visit of feeding, litter box scooping, etc...

Priced accordingly, during this time, and depending on the type and needs of the pet(s), I'd do any special requests by clients - which would normally be extra long dog walks, pet massage, trick training, time outside relaxing in the park, sitting by an old pet or special needs pet and offering comfort, supervising rowdy kittens, and restless pups. Super Visits were a big hit with people who had anxious pets with separation anxiety. Sometimes clients would just want me to make an extended time of cuddling on the couch with their pets - one of the rare times that I'd actually "sit" in pet sitting! LOL!

My clients appreciated the option and the pets always loved the extra attention.

So, do you like this idea? Dear fellow pet sitters - feel free to take this idea and tweak it. Make it your own. Call it something else. Whatever you do, this idea is for you - from one pet sitter to another!


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