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Why I created a "Welcome Home" Table Tent Card for my clients

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Just another special touch for your valuable clients

An important policy that most pet sitters have requires that a client call their sitter once they return home. There are several reasons for this.

Let's say a client is scheduled to arrive home from their trip at 3 pm and tells their sitter that since they will be home before the suppertime feeding of their cats there is no need for the sitter to come to their home that evening. Makes sense, right?

But, how will the sitter know their client arrived home as planned? Should a sitter just assume the client came home on time and mark that pet sitting job as "done"? Nope.

Another client tells their sitter that they are due home at 2 AM - the middle of the night - and so they will be there to take the dog out for his 6 AM walk and feeding. Should a sitter just assume the client came home at 2 AM and all is well and mark that pet sitting job as "done"? Of course not!

Sometimes clients get delayed. Planes, trains, and traffic can make for a late return and a sitter must always be ready to continue pet care if the client doesn't return home as scheduled. So never mark a round of pet sitting "done" until you get the "I'm / We're home call from the client." I would never consider a round of pet sitting done until I heard from the client that they were actually home with their pets.

It is important for a sitter to have a policy that a client must call them when they return home. The sitter must keep in mind, however, that the client may come home tired or harried and may forget to call, so it is important to give the clients a friendly reminder and a "help" - a very visual reminder - when they get home that reminds them to call.

I had a strict policy (hopefully that isn't too harsh of a word, but it was set in stone), that clients had to call me when they got home.

I came up with a "table tent" design, that you see in the photo above (the phone number was changed for obvious reasons, but that is the real card I created.)

This table tent stood like one of those little table tents you see in restaurants - you know, the ones that advertise the restaurant's delectable desserts or specials. I would place it right next to the pet sitting log on their kitchen counter ( the usual place people would want me to leave the log).

The sign stood up and was bright and cheery with my phone number in big letters - as if to shout " CALL ME!". The Welcome Home sign was about 3 1/2" x 5" standing up. I made it on my computer and printed them up on card stock as needed. I'd keep extra in my car just in case I forgot to slip one in the client's file.

Clients really loved that extra reminder. They didn't have to look around for my business card, which was small and easily misplaced, because the welcome home sign was very visible. It also reminded them, as you can see, to call at any time.

I would put the"Welcome Home" card out on the very first day of my visit. Why? Well, because sometimes clients' plans can change and they arrive home a day or so early and this reminds them to call and let the sitter know that they came home earlier than planned.

So, this is my tip for all newbie pet sitters, and even some seasoned ones if you aren't already doing something like this. I can tell you from experience, that clients appreciated this added touch.

The Welcome Home card not only is a reminder for clients to call but helps lessen the worry a pet sitter may have about the client forgetting to call.

It is a win-win idea for both pet sitter and client!


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