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Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

A fun and light read in the busyness of Christmas preparations

It is time for a little levity so this is a shorter post for my readers. I thought you'd enjoy a little poetry during this hectic holiday season.

The cat in the photo above is "Toby" and since I have a photo of him enjoying playtime in a box, I thought it would be the perfect photo to go along with this little poem I wrote.


Cats like boxes

but who knows why -

maybe they like to lay on their backs

and look up at the sky

or squish themselves so very small

and pretend they are a furry little ball

or perhaps they pretend

they are hiding in a lion's den

hunting their prey - whether mice or men

Cats like boxes

and any size will do

small, medium, large or huge

it doesn't really matter at all

as long as they can get themselves in and out,

or lay down and take a nap

they'll be just as happy

as if on a lap

Cats like boxes

and any kind will do

whether from UPS, Amazon, or FedEx

and anywhere else is fine too

Just give them four cardboard sides,

a sturdy bottom, and a box flap or two

and they'll be content

all the day through.


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