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What to include in a basic pet sitting visit

Tips for new pet sitters and pet owners who need to hire a pet sitter

When starting out in any business it's important to identify what services you will provide for your customers. It is no different with a pet sitting business.

Whether you are reading this as a newbie pet sitter, someone getting ready to start a pet sitting business, or a pet owner who is wondering what a pet sitter will do while they are with your pet, this is something you'll want to read.

Starting out, whether a pet sitter or pet owner, it is important to check out what services various other pet sitters offer, see what you are comfortable with and what you want to do, and then do some brainstorming on what should be included in your basic pet visit.

When I say "basic pet visit" I mean you need to identify what the essential tasks are that must be done at a client's home to properly care for their pet. Whatever services you decide on would come under your basic pet sitting fee.

Below is what I included in my regular/basic pet sitting visit. Every time.

House safety check.

Greeting pets.

Love and gentleness.


Feeding and giving fresh water and treats.

Taking dogs out and/or sifting cat litter boxes/cleaning bird and other small animal cages.

Leaving a written log on the counter to identify times you were there and tasks done.

Dealing with any problems or concerns that arise during the visit.

Making sure the house is securely locked before leaving.

After the Meet and Greet appointment, a basic visit can also include, if the client requests:

Taking in mail and packages.

Adjusting lighting and curtains in the home.

Giving medications.

Sending the client a text/e-mail/photo at the end of each visit.

And any other agreed-upon service.

Some pet sitters charge " a la carte" - meaning they will charge a fee for each thing they do. I find this to be cumbersome and confusing for the client. I believe the above basic things should be included in each visit.

Anything more than what I listed - like bringing in/taking out a client's garbage cans or filling the outdoor birdfeeders - can have an extra fee because it isn't directly related to pet sitting but something that the client wants done for an additional fee.

It is important to be clear with the client about what is included in a basic pet sitting visit. The client will know what to expect from you and you won't be surprised by a client expecting that you do more than what has already been identified and then having an unhappy client on your hands. An unhappy client can ding your professional reputation.

I will discuss a la carte items in the next post, so stay tuned!

Have a blessed day,



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