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The Litter Box Escort - Does every pet sitter have one?

Pet sitters, do you have one of these?

At first, I thought it was just an anomaly.

Here was Kirby, a golden adorable fluffball of a cat with an awesome personality, following me to each of the five litter boxes in his house.

At the first litter box, Kirby would get in and literally demonstrated what the litter box was for by leaving a deposit of some sort. Then, he'd take his time shoveling litter over his deposit, and then would get out of the box, stand to the side, and watch me scoop the box. After I was finished, he'd spend about fifteen seconds sniffing the newly sifted litter box and then would follow me to the next one.

The longer I pet sat, the more I observed that in 95% of the houses, there was one cat who would "supervise" the litter box sifting and cleaning. In a multi-cat household, it was always the same cat too.

I'm wondering, is this a common occurrence among other pet sitters as well?

I thought it was funny and cute, and also very curious. This even happened in a house with two kittens - Kevin and Todd were their names. One kitten would watch, as the other demonstrated the use of the box, and then watched me sift it, and then would give it a final sniff to make sure it met his approval.

I also observed that some cats waited for me to sift the litter box and THEN would get in and do their business. I guess some liked an ultra-clean box before depositing. So, I'd have to sift the box a second time, and the cat would sniff it, and then all would be well.

I would sift the litter box at every visit - so if I came once, twice, or three times a day, the litter boxes would get done.

I've noticed this behavior for many years and it has always intrigued me and made me laugh. It was fun though, having a furry friend follow me, litter box to litter box, making sure I did what I was supposed to do!

So, if you are a pet sitter, who has also noticed the same behavior in cats, please let me know.

I'd also be curious if this happens to pet owners in their own homes as well? Do your cats follow you around when you clean the litter boxes?

Maybe it isn't such an anomaly after all?


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