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Put this information on your pet sitting business card

Your business card can be a very effective promo voice for your business!

Business cards are the coolest things!

Business cards are like small, economical, billboards chock full of important information that you can hand out like candy! They can provide tons of helpful information that can be the first step in getting you new pet sitting clients.

Your business card, absent of you being right there handing it to someone, becomes the face of your business. Done right, it will be kept and used to contact you later and hopefully help land a client. Done wrong, and it will end up in a trash can.

During the course of my almost 16 years in the pet sitting business, technology changed and so did my business cards. As I became more professional and knowledgeable, so did the presentation of my business cards.

My first business cards were designed by me on my basic computer, the design brought to Staples, and they printed them up for me. I remember a costly typo mistake at that point, that cost me a reprint. Live and learn!

Eventually, I found the wonder of VistaPrint and used them for the rest of my years in business. I found them easy to use and there was always a real person to call and talk to if I had a problem, which I sometimes did.

The information I had on the card also changed as the years went by and I had several versions. In this post, I will share some of my "business card wisdom" with you. I hope it will help!

General wisdom:

Choose one or more uniform colors for your business and stick with them. Mine, as you can probably tell from this blog, is primarily pink with a little green.

Choose a typeface/font for your business and try and stick with that too. For me, this changed over the years, but it was always a pretty font, and always pink.

Choose an image or logo that will be uniform as well. You can pay someone to create one for you, but if you try it isn't too hard to create one on your computer or use your phone to stylize a photo you already have and use that.

A real money-saver, in the long run, is to use BOTH SIDES of the business card. Why waste the space?

My last business card was the best ( of course -many years of practice by this point). I found a card design on Vistaprint that had my color of pink. I found a beautiful graphic of a cat sitting in a hat and used that. By that point in my career, my body was starting to give me some health issues so I focused more on small dogs and cats - pets that were easier to physically handle.

In general, keep the design, clean, uncluttered, simple, and with an easily readable font.

On the front of the card put:

Name of your business.


A very short summary of what your business is about.

The year you started - "In business since..." (it gives info about your experience).

Your business phone number.


On the back of the card put:

Your Service area (ex: I serve these are zip codes.... or towns...and list them.)

Pur your business philosophy. (This was mine: "People should be able to go away and relax, knowing that their precious pets are in the care of someone who loves them as much as they do!")

Your name and contact address

Your tagline. (Mine was: "Precious Pets...Simply the Best!")

What I eliminated from the card over the years:

I used to list my "office hours" but those changed over time so it didn't make sense to put them on the card. A lot of people called off hours anyway and left messages so if your voice mail message is clear, they'll know your office hours for non-emergency calls. This eliminates having to reprint cards with updated hours.

Some might disagree with this, but I also took off my e-mail address. I'd rather people go to the website first, get some basic information, and then e-mail or call me if they are interested. I also didn't like having the e-mail address on the card because I would get so many e-mails that it was nearly impossible to not miss one or two and it took a lot of time to e-mail people back. Having a website answered most people's questions and weeded out those who weren't interested in my specific services or method of pet sitting.

I hope this blog post has helped you. Feel free to e-mail me with any feedback or questions.

Disclaimer: VistaPrint doesn't advertise on my site. I just like them so I'm sharing my comments about them as a freebie.


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