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30 New Year Resolution Suggestions for Professional Pet Sitters

It's a new year - time for refreshing our businesses with resolutions

Just like Mary Poppins, many pet owners would say that their pet sitter is "perfect in every way". Owners get attached to their pet sitters and greatly value them because they know they take their businesses to heart and try their best to provide awesome pet care for their furry and feathery babies!

Personal and professional growth is important for a pet sitter ( and anyone, really) and it is good to review and plan every once in a while so a business is on a positive trajectory.

New Year's resolutions are a way that a pet sitter can refocus, rejuvenate, or renew themselves and their businesses.

I am someone who values the art of self-reflection. I know I'll never be "perfect in every way" like Mary Poppins, but I certainly strive for excellence. As St. Therese of Lisieux believed, we can show others we care in the little things we do as well as the big things, so any change or improvement a pet sitter can make in his/her life or business, however small, is a move in the right direction.

Below you will see a lot of suggestions for resolutions for all the wonderful pet sitters out there. I encourage you to choose a few of them to focus on in 2021.

1. I will update my computer files and print hard copies of pertinent information that I should carry in my files when I do my pet rounds. Note: I do not trust just keeping files electronically when out and about doing pet visits because phones and laptops can be lost or service/power can go down, so a physical paper back up is something you'll be thankful for when an electric problem happens.

2. I will create or improve my bookkeeping system.

3. I will purchase or redesign a magnetic business car sign advertising my business.

4. I will update or input emergency contact information for my clients into my phone for quick access while on the road, including each veterinarian's phone number.

5. I will add non-emergency phone numbers into my phone for the local police departments within my service area.

6. I will take updated photos of pets individually and also with their owners. I will do this at all Meet and Greets and update photos as needed. These will come in handy for reference as well as in the event that a pet becomes lost. You can also use the photos to create future gifts for clients.

7. I will create or update my pet sitting website.

8. I will ask clients for brief testimonials to post on my website or use in other advertising.

9. I will start a print or online newsletter. Print newsletters are great to leave as advertisements in vet offices, pet supply stores, groomer shops, etc... and come in handy for those customers who still do not have a computer at home.

10. I will join the local Chamber of Commerce to help promote my business.

11. I will attend some professional pet sitting conferences or take some free online business classes or contact my local Small Business Association for free seminars and free business mentoring.

12. I will join a pet sitting association such as NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitting) or PSI (Pet Sitters International), or an existing group in my area. I will consider starting my own local group for networking purposes.

13. I will update my emergency supplies and foul weather clothing for those days when I'm out in the rain, snow, ice, wind, or heat walking dogs and running in and out of houses for pet visits.

14. I will develop a better client key system.

15. I will learn more about the different animal breeds in my care.

16. I will learn pet CPR / Pet First Aid or review my skills.

17. I will update my pet sitting forms.

18. I will not book pet visits so close together that I stress myself out and risk being late to my next visit.

19. I will create a survey for clients so I can use their feedback to improve my services and business.

20. I will reflect on my customer service and phone skills, mannerisms, tones of how I speak to people and see where I can improve.

21. I will take a vacation / staycation, eat well, rest well, and focus on the positive.

22. I will review the services I offer and see what I can add or what I should delete.

23. I will evaluate my fee structure to see if changes need to be made and will adjust it accordingly.

24. I will start a blog.

25. I will learn additional skills such as dog training, pet grooming, pet massage therapy in order to augment my business offerings and attain more clients.

26. I will not rush through my days and will be "in the moment" with the pets more often.

27. If a solo pet sitter, I will think about expanding my business to include bringing more pet sitters on board.

28. I will design or re-create my business card and will use some of them to create magnetic bookmarks for clients to keep on their fridge.

29. I will create a podcast.

30. I will reach out to clients who haven't used my services in quite a while. I will see how they are doing and remind them that I'm there for them.

I hope you will find these resolutions helpful! Please e-mail me any questions or feedback:

Happy New Year!


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