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Introductory Post

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Welcome to Precious Pets' Blog Spot!

This blog is being written for the benefit of pet owners, pet owners to be, pet sitters who want to become the best they can be, and for people looking for a pet sitter and want more info on how to go about finding the right one.

This blog is also about the wonderful connections that happens between pet owners and pet sitters for the good of their precious pets! Veterinarians and other professionals who work with pets will also find it informative.

Precious Pets' blog will:

* Explore the important role of pet sitters in the lives of their clients.

* Help readers choose the pet sitter that is right for their needs.

* Help professional pet sitters become the best pet sitters they can be.

* Advise clients on how to work with their pet sitter for the benefit of their pets and their own peace of mind while they are away.

* Share the helpful wisdom I learned through my many years of being a professional pet sitter.

* Share stories of actual events that will teach valuable lessons to pet owners, pet sitters, and other pet care professionals (groomers, vets, trainers, etc...).

* Talk about pet care, pet products, and other aspects of life with a pet and the life of a pet sitter.

* Answer readers' questions, and much more!

Please bookmark this blog and give it a whirl for a while and see what you think! I bet you'll stick with Precious Pets' Blog and we'll be fast friends brought together by the mutual affection we have for our furry and feathery friends for a long time to come!

For more about the author of this blog, please click on the "About" tab at the top.

P.S. - I'm not exactly highly technological so please bear with me if the site doesn't look perfect right away - I'm working on developing my skills!


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