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Kibbles and Tid-Bits: 13 Tips for Pet Owners and Pet Sitters

I'm preparing this post the day after a Tropical Storm hit the east coast. I have tons of twigs, branches, and leaves in my yard that are calling to me to get outside and pick up. Overall, my area did well. No power outage at my place, just a messy yard. It will also be a hot day today so between that and having to clean the yard I thought I'd write a lighter post for all of my wonderful readers.

Here is a little smorgasbord of tips that you might find interesting and useful:

* Harp music is known to decrease pain and anxiety in pets.

* Humpback whale music is known to calm cats.

* A good general rule is one litter box per cat per house.

* Indoor cats typically live many more years than cats that are allowed outside.

* The easiest place for a crook to enter a home is through the garage. They pop the garage door and enter into the often-left-unlocked door to the kitchen so pet owners and pet sitters take note.

* Microchipping your pet is a good thing and update it when you move.

* For added safety, put your pet sitter's name and phone number on your pet's tag.

Pet sitters have all your emergency contact information anyway and if your pet is

separated from you for any reason the finder will have another contact. Ask your

pet sitter if it is okay with him/her first before doing so. This is a good benefit for

pet sitting clients.

* Look for the most comfortable harness for your dog. There are more choices today

than ever and in most cases, they are better than connecting the leash just to a collar.

* Rotate pet toys for mental stimulation, or give special toys to the pet when you

leave the home. Buy a few new toys that your pet sitter can open and give to your

pet when you are away as a special treat.

* Like children with a babysitter, some pets behave differently with their pet


* Birdcages should be cleaned every day and a vinegar/water solution is a great spray

for cleaning because it is effective and pet safe.

* Pet birds can get depressed without adequate socialization.

* Go through your pet's toys occasionally and throw out any damaged ones that

could prove dangerous.


As an added bonus, here is a little poem I wrote back in 2009. Re-reading it this morning made me realize that it will be a while before this scenario becomes normal again due to Covid.

An August Day

Dappled sunlight dances on the grass

as picnickers relax in the golden sun

eating cold chicken and watermelon.

The day is hot, sticky, and bright.

It is a day for shorts, straw hats, and bathing suits.

It is a day for daydreaming and watching clouds go by.

Soon the nights will come earlier

and the leaves will start to turn color.

"Back to school" sales will begin

and sweaters will be the norm.

But for today, we have an August day

filled with the promise of peace, hope,

and a glowing orange popsicle-colored sun

setting beyond the hills.


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