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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

What your pets really want for Christmas.

Americans are no cheapskates when it comes to spending money on their pets.

Spending money on our pets is an enjoyable experience because, for the most part, our pets are easy to please. There might be a cranky old cat somewhere that could care less whether he's gotten a new toy or not, but for the most part, our pets like whatever we get for them, and we like watching them enjoy it.

In doing some internet research for this post, it seems that the average pet owner spends anywhere from $ 36.00 to $ 51.00 per pet for Christmas. How do you stand with this stat? Do you spend more or less per pet?

Today I want to share that our pets like to live the simple life. Our dogs won't notice if we chose to spend $ 100.00 on a fancy dog coat or a $10.00 one at a discount store. What pets love is the fuss you make about putting the sweater on them. They like that you are near them and touching them and adjusting the coat. They love hearing you talk to them. They like the love that goes along with the gift. They like it when they hear your voice telling them they look fantastic in it, or if you spend time playing with them with the new toy you purchased.

If you get a cute sweater for a cat well, you take your chances because some cats will be simply honest and will quickly show their distaste for wearing an outfit of any kind, but give them a nice catnip mat or pillow instead, and most will be pleased as punch with it.

It doesn't matter to your pet if the kids get 15 gifts under the Christmas tree and they get just one. They just want to be near you. They will be happy with one gift or just checking out all the gifts the kids received, with your supervision of course.

Honestly, I believe that pets like being in our presence more than playing with the presents they receive. I bet you will agree that there is nothing like seeing a cute dog in a sweater or chewing on a new toy, a cat roll around on a catnip, or playing with a fishing pole toy, or watching a pet bird enjoy his new birdbath. These are simple pleasures for them. While some pet toys are more expensive and also better quality, there are also plenty of less expensive toys that are equally enjoyable and durable.

Sometimes I think that the toys and clothes we buy for our pets make us just as happy, if not happier, than the pets because seeing them joyful makes us joyful. We take photos. We share them on social media. We talk about our pets' cute antics with the toy or outfit.

A few practical gifts I'd recommend for pets are:

Safety lights for leashes and collars for evening dog walks.

Warm coats for late fall and winter walks.

New pet beds.

Bigger cages for birds.

Extra plush catnip mats.

Good quality gourmet treats.

Steps for older pets to get up on furniture or into the car.

Keeping it simple and keeping it real means not overspending on pets and realizing that the time spent with YOU is the main thing they want for Christmas, so whatever you decide to spend on your pet this year, make sure that the main gift they get is lots of love from you and inclusion in the family festivities.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading my blog. In 2022 my hope is to increase my readership even more so please pass the word about my blog. If you have any suggestions on post ideas for 2022 just let me know:




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