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Is it time to stop professional pet sitting?

10 questions that help you decide if it is time to say goodbye to a business you've given your heart to.

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens"(Ecclesiastes). Notice it says "everything" and "every activity" so that means we can comfortably put the profession of pet sitting under the heading of "everything".

You've put your heart and soul into creating your pet sitting business, and you've worked hard for a long time to get it where it is today. You're proud of it. You're proud of yourself. You like your clients and their pets. But....there is a restlessness inside you that you can't explain.

For quite some time now, you've had these fleeting thoughts of leaving petsitting behind to do something else. Perhaps you'd like to have mornings that start a little later and are more relaxing, or maybe you want to create an entirely new business, or you are tired and want to retire, or perhaps you're thinking of selling the business and letting someone else take the reigns?

But, still, you are conflicted. After all, your HEART is in it. You are ATTACHED to it. You love your furry and feathery and finned friends, and you love their owners. But, things have changed somewhere inside of you. The world has changed too. You've adapted your business to deal with Covid and maybe the adaptations have worked, and maybe they haven't. All in all, you've decided that perhaps this restlessness inside of you is a sign that time to move on to the next chapter of your life.

What should you do? Are you just in an emotional slump that will soon pass, or could it be that you are seriously thinking of walking away from this heartfelt business that has brought you so much joy as well as income?

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you discern if now is the right time to move on - to close up shop or sell your pet sitting business:

1. Is your body giving you signs that it is getting to be too much for you? Maybe it is just age creeping up on you or maybe you've developed some health issues that are slowing you down?

2. Are you starting to dread dog walks in the rain, cold, or snow? Are you physically tired of walking miles with dogs each day? Are your feet getting really sore? Are you regularly exhausted at the end of the day, and it isn't a good exhaustion, it is the kind that is pervasive and emotional as well as physical?

3. Have you lost your passion for pet sitting? Has it become just a job and nothing more? Has a cat just become just "a cat" and a dog just " a dog" instead of adorable little creatures that make your heart sing and bring joy to your days?

4. Do you want to leave, but not let the dream you created die? Maybe you want to sell? Can you make a profit by selling it? Who are the players that can help you with this - a business lawyer and/or a financial advisor? Or will it be too hard for you to see somebody else take it over so it is better to just close up shop altogether?

5. Are you getting increasingly negative feedback from clients because you are forgetting to do certain things or getting sloppy and less attentive with your pet care?

6. Are you tired of not having holidays and weekends to yourself again?

7. Covid and other reasons have resulted in a lower income stream, so much so that it will soon be impossible to stay in business. Should you start looking for another income avenue?

8. Do you feel that you've lost your creativity and enthusiasm? Is marketing your business stressful?

9. Do you cringe when the phone rings, knowing it will be another request from an existing or potential new customer?

10. Have you've slowed or stopped marketing your business because you are tired of constantly meeting new people, doing meet and greets, and other things?

Ending your career as a professional pet sitter is a big decision and it should not be rushed. Maybe you're just having a stressful time in your life that will pass so don't make any rash decisions. Weigh the pros and cons. Talk about this with your family or close friends. Pray about it.

Whatever you decide, make it a well-thought-out decision so you won't have any regrets afterward. Get to a point where you "know that you know that you know" it is the right decision for you.

Then, smile at your accomplishments, and start making plans for the next exciting chapter of your life!


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