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Halloween warnings for Pet Lovers

Tips to protect pets ON and AROUND Halloween

This is a serious post and I hope that all pet lovers, owners, and sitters will take a minute to read this information.

As much fun as America has around Halloween, it can prove to be a dangerous and deadly time for pets. This post hopes to inform my wonderful readers as to the importance of being very protective of pets on and AROUND the date of Halloween.

I speak with experience not only as a pet lover and pet sitter, but also as someone who had an additional career in the human services field and who has had specific training in regard to the dangers that can befall pets on, and around, the date of Halloween.

First though, let me begin with the "softer" dangers and move up from there to the most deadly dangers that can harm or kill our beloved pets during this last week of October.

The best tip and probably the easiest to monitor with pets around on Halloween is to keep them inside. I don't recommend that people take their dogs out with them on a leash when they are trick or treating with their kids because dogs can scoop up candy on the sidewalk or road that has been dropped by children along the way, swallow it and become, at the least, quite ill. Also if a leash is not held on tightly the dog can get loose and run away into the darkness of the night, leaving someone's furry friend in danger of getting hit by a car, lost, or kidnapped.

When keeping pets inside, please put them in another room. Either put them in the kitchen with a baby gate up so they can't get to the front door when opened for trick or treaters or put them in a closed room that is made comfortable and peaceful for them. These simple practices will keep pets safe. They won't have an opportunity to scoot out the door when it is opened over and over again. Put cats in a closed room with their litter boxes, food bowls, and toys until the festivities are over.

Before, during, and after the date of Halloween there tends to be an abundance of candy left around the house, so it is crucial that this candy be kept out of reach from pets. Pet owners know the dangers that candy, wrappers, and chocolate can do to pets so to save yourself a sick pet and a trip to the vet, err on the side of caution. This includes having the kids explore the contents of their Halloween stash when they get home by sitting at a kitchen table and not spreading their candy out while they are seated on the floor. Make sure candy is safely tucked away out of reach when you return to work and school the next day and pets are left home, get bored, and have themselves a deadly feast of candy. Pets are quick and it only takes a second for an accident to happen.

Keep pets (and small children) away from candle-lit jack-o-lanterns. This one speaks for itself.

For the sake of family fun, if you are going to dress up your pet in a costume, make sure it is a costume they will tolerate and won't cause them to trip or eat something that could do them harm. If your pet reacts with anxiety or tries to pull a costume off, don't just think it is funny and have a good laugh. Take it off. To me, watching a pet having difficulty and getting a kick out of it is a form of abuse. Some pets love wearing outfits, costumes, and coats, but other pets don't like it at all. Be aware of this.

I once pet sat for a Scottie dog who loved to dress up and thought that she was "all that and more" with a costume or coat on, while other pets would look at me like "Are ya kidding me? Take this off." So I did.

Now, the most difficult subject to mention must be talked about because some people don't think this is real and don't generally take this seriously, but it is a huge concern. There is an increase of occultic activity before, on, and after Halloween, as well as anytime during the year when there is a full moon. Part of some occultic activity involves abusing, killing, and sacrificing animals. Keeping your pets safe on Halloween minimizes the chance that a dog or cat running loose in the neighborhood will be caught, kidnapped, and sacrificed. Sadly, I know this happens for a fact because of specialized seminars and training I went through when I worked as a Creative Arts Therapist AND also in separate training in the field of Youth Ministry.

I'm not going to say more about the reality of occultic activity around Halloween because it does upset people, and it upsets me too. I don't like thinking about it or writing about it, but if my words can save one pet from getting hurt or killed, then I feel I must speak up.

In the Church world, Halloween is the "Eve of All Saints". In our secular society, this holiday has unfortunately been twisted and has been turned towards evil and "all things scary". This turn can sometimes leave our pets open to harm. As pet owners, sitters, and lovers, we must be vigilant in our care for them.

So when planning Halloween activities, please keep pet care at the top of the list. If so, then everyone's furry babies will be just fine and will have a great Halloween!




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