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Are commercial flea and tick products good for pets?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Here are my thoughts on this subject, and a recommendation.

Today I was reading my Sunday newspaper and I read an interesting column by Dr. Michael Fox , from the syndicated newspaper column "Animal Doctor". The reader was asking about the safety and/or toxicity of some of the flea and tick treatments on the market. The reader commented about reports that dogs can become aggressive or sick after being given some tick and flea treatments.

In my many years of pet sitting, I always had concerns about commercial products used on pets (and humans too, to be honest), so I read on to see what his advice was. A pet sitter can always learn more, right? Right!

Dr. Fox wrote that there are some well-recorded negative effects of some flea and tick treatments and advocated for safe products for our beloved pets. He used the term "insecticides" to describe some of these products and I believe he was right on the mark by saying that. Some are not good for our pets!

There are thousands of pet products in the marketplace and I think that sometimes pet owners think if it is being sold in a store or online with fancy packaging that it must be safe for pets. But as many pet lovers know, that is not always the case. Just as if you had a child, pet owners must do their due diligence in the products they are choosing to put on or inside their pets.

It seems to me that pharmaceuticals for pets as well as for people have become way to convenient, popular, and accepted as safe. I was just saying to a friend last week that it seems like our country is in one way or another addicted to drugs. Just watch TV and every commercial for a new pill promotes all its benefits but then lists a slew of side effects at a rapid speed at the end of the commercial. This should give us pause for our own health as well as that of our pets.

Anyway, I'd like to direct you to Dr. Fox's website for an additional article with a lot of great information in it. (I don't get anything for sending you there, I just want to share it with all of you.) The article can be found at:

We all love our precious pets and would do anything to keep them healthy and happy. That is why I think it is important to frequently read about our specific types of pets, keep up on health information, and always seek to learn more. This is triply true if you are a first-time pet owner. There is so much to learn and mistakes can be avoided by being proactive and taking some time to read, listen to podcasts, read columns such as Dr. Fox's, etc.

There are plenty of additional websites that provide some DIY all-natural solutions to combat fleas and ticks, so find a few that you like. Talk to your vet about it, and then see how they work if your vet approves.

My best to you and all your precious pets!




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