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A shout-out to my global readers!

I'm happy to share with you that this blog is celebrating two years this month and I would like to thank those of you who have been stopping by to check out what I have to say about pet sitting and the pets we love.

When I started this blog I figured it would only be of interest to pet sitters in the USA. As the months have gone by, I've been pleasantly surprised that I also have readers from around the world.

This makes me very happy and so I want to give a special shout-out to everyone around the globe!

As it turns out, I have readers in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan, Nigeria, India, Canada, Belarus, Uganda, Tanzania, Malaysia, Pakistan, S. Africa, Russia, Philippines, or New Zealand. Welcome one and all! (I hope I didn't forget a country.)

I hope some of what I've shared in "Precious Pets Blog" has been helpful to you and I'd love to hear from you directly. Please e-mail me at to share your thoughts on this blog -or your questions - and I'll do my best to answer in an upcoming post.

I'm interested to hear how pet sitting is different in various countries, so if you'd like, please share that with me too.

I hope this year will be healthy and happy for all of humanity around the world. We are all "in this together" - floating around the sun on this blue and green globe - each of us trying to belong, make connections with others, and have happy lives. I pray God will bless all of you, your pets, your pet sitting businesses, and your countries.

A short post this week - I know everyone is still celebrating the new year so I didn't want to make it too heavy!




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