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A Pet Sitter Interviews the Easter Bunny

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

An unlikely and surprising tell-all interview with the Easter bunny!

copyright 2021

I recently had the supreme privilege of interviewing the Easter Bunny. As it turns out, the Easter Bunny is a big fan of my blog and signed up to be a weekly recipient. Without further adieu, here is the entire interview text:

Pet Sitter (a.k.a.- P.S.): Thank you for giving me some of your time this week. I know you are gearing up for your big day this weekend. Thank you for liking my blog.

Easter Bunny (a.k.a. - E.B.): No problem. I am a very tech-savvy bunny and read many of the pet blogs out there. Yours is one of my favorites.

P.S.: Well, thank you for that Mr. Easter Bunny. I appreciate it.

E.B.: Please, just call me E.B. for short. Mr. Easter Bunny is so formal.

P.S.: Thank you, E.B., will do. Are you ready for my questions?

E.B.: Yes, let's hop to it!

P.S.: Easter will soon be here and many in our country will focus on the Easter Bunny and all the wonderful baskets of goodies that will be delivered to the children who believe. According to legend, this week you should be busily making colored Easter Eggs in preparation for Easter Sunday. How do you handle the stress of it all?

E.B.: Well, I'm a very organized bunny. I don't cram all the egg making and painting into the week before Easter. I start right after the New Year - gathering eggs and painting them and the last month before Easter I start filling the baskets for the children.

P.S.: You just said "gathering" the eggs. You don't lay them?

E.B.: Ha Ha Ha! Silly pet sitter, bunnies don't lay eggs. Chickens do. I have a whole bunch of chickens on my property and they kindly lay tons of eggs for me to paint. This should solve the misinformation that is out there about me. I don't lay eggs.

P.S.: I get it. Thanks for the clarification. Tell me, E.B., are you the only one who colors the eggs, or do other bunnies help you?

E.B.: Well, Santa has his elves, and I have my bunnies. As you know, bunnies multiply very fast so I never have a labor shortage. Bunnies not only hop fast, but they also paint fast too. The younger bunnies go through an apprenticeship program the first year and the next year they get to paint their own batch of eggs. Some turn out better than others but are all pretty in their own right.

P.S.: I have to ask you about a touchy subject - what do you think of PLASTIC Easter Eggs?

E.B.: Oh gosh, I tolerate them. I see the need for them in our "instant gratification" culture, but it is always better to have the real deal. I never hand out plastic eggs. I am always excited when I see adults helping children paint their own eggs too. In that way, they honor my work. They sort of become "honorary Easter bunnies".

P.S.: Well E.B., I have another question - every time I see a drawing of you, you are wearing an outfit - usually it is overalls, or a vest, or a stylish hat. Other bunnies don't dress up, why do you?

E.B.: Well, that is easy. Since no other bunny dresses up, when you see a bunny dressed up, you know it is me! Plus, I meet the public and I want to look nice. I want to be a role model for the children to always try and look their best. Plus, since I am well....a celebrity....I owe it to my fans to make a good impression.

P.S.: Got it. Now, E.B. - Santa has a sleigh. How do you get around to deliver all your Easter baskets to the children?

E.B.: Well, my method is different than Santa. I am not your typical bunny. Santa has his miraculous way of getting around with Rudolph and his shiny red nose and flying reindeer. My way is different.

P.S.: Really? Can you tell me more?

E.B.: Well, I can't reveal all of my secrets, but I can tell you that I have a superpower of being the fastest hopping bunny on the planet, so I can easily deliver the baskets in record time. How I get into the homes will remain a mystery because if I shared that, then all the wonder will be revealed, and a little wonder makes life a bit more exciting, so I will not say more.

P.S.: Got it.

E.B.: Thank you for respecting my privacy.

P.S.: Now, this question might be a little too personal, so there is no obligation to answer it if you don't want to.

E.B.: Ask away and we will see.

P.S.: Sometimes in the malls, I see that there is a Mr. Easter Bunny and what looks like a Mrs. Easter Bunny. Are you married?

E.B.: Good question! Well, I am married and Mrs. Easter Bunny is just a sweetie. However, we don't show up at malls. I have an arrangement with the malls to let humans dress up like us in order to bring more joy to the children. After all, there have been very very few children who have actually seen the real me - the real Easter Bunny.

P.S. So, these humans dressed in costumes are your ambassadors, sort of? Do I have that correct?

E.B.: Yes, that is a good way to put it. I am really a shy bunny and I spend a lot of time creating eggs, managing the apprentice bunnies, and taking care of the chickens, so I never really have enough free time. Plus there is always something to repair in the hutch. I'm a homebody except for my travels to deliver the baskets once a year. I just like to stay home and rest when I'm not creating.

P.S.: Tell me then, when you are not creating, how do you spend your time?

E.B.: Well, I enjoy spending time with Mrs. E.B., and we frolic in the meadows around our home, enjoy good meals of carrots and greens, and we like to snuggle and chase butterflies. We also love music. Some people think we like "hip hop" music because the name sounds like it might be something bunnies would like. But no, we like waltzes.

P.S.: How intriguing. I am learning so many new things today. Let me ask you, what is your underlying philosophy to life - you seem to be such a peaceful, happy bunny - does your philosophy of life have anything to do with that?

E.B.: You are a very perceptive pet sitter. Yes, I have a philosophy of life. It focuses on these things:

1. Try to make life more joyful for others and ease their burdens by providing beautiful eggs and joy in their hearts.

2, Take plenty of time with those you love and frolic in the meadows as often as you can. That gives you health and meaningful relationships.

3. And the third aspect of my philosophy of life is that everyone should focus on the real meaning of Easter which goes far beyond easter baskets, candy, and colored eggs.

P.S.: The real meaning of Easter? Isn't it just to celebrate spring?

E.B.: Well, celebrating the coming of spring is certainly a happy aspect of Easter, but that is only part of it. Do you know the meaning of why I focus on delivering Easter eggs?

P.S.: No, do tell.

E.B.: You see, eggs, like the coming of spring, remind people of new life. Eggs crack open at the appointed time and new life springs from them - baby chicks! The egg as a symbol of new life has been with us for eons. However..........

P.S.: Yes, why are you suddenly pausing and looking so pensive, E.B.?

E.B.: I have something profound to tell you. You may think that a simple bunny such as myself can't have such deep thoughts, but I do. I think about more than just eating carrots, dancing waltzes with Mrs. E.B., and creating Easter Eggs.

P.S.: I'm listening.....

E.B.: Well, you see..... um.... well.....not all of your readers will be pleased to hear this, but it is the truth. (Long pause)

P.S.: Take your time, E.B.. I'm in no rush.

E.B.: Well, for me, and the reason why I got into sharing beautiful eggs and baskets with children is that I want them to know the truth.......

P.S.: The truth about what, E.B.? You are piquing my curiosity now....

E.B.: Well, as history developed, the meaning of the egg became more than just new life in springtime, but they gave witness to an even greater hope. You see.....I use the symbol of the Easter egg to remind people of the greatest new life there is. The new hope and new life that is only found in the True Savior of the world. I'm talking about Jesus.

P.S.: (Silence)..... oh...... I never would have imagined....

E.B.: Of course not. When I first started sharing eggs people automatically understood and accepted this Truth easily. But times have changed.

P.S.: What do you mean, times have changed? You are confusing me.

E.B.: Ok. Well, there are fewer people today, especially in the younger generations, that believe Jesus is the Savior -that He came and died for our sins so that we could be with Him forever in Heaven someday. The symbol of the egg for me is all about the resurrection of Jesus. By using the analogy that new life springs from an egg, we are taught that Jesus emerged from the tomb on the third day by resurrecting from the dead. You see, He died on a Friday (which we call "Good" because of his great act of love for us), was buried and remained in the tomb on Saturday, but on the third day - on a Sunday, he rose from the dead.

P.S.: (Long pause) So, then....let me see if I get this. In your philosophy of life, and in your bunny way, you are really trying to teach people that Jesus is their Savior?

E.B.: Yes, but I don't think I'm doing a good job of it anymore.

P.S.: Why do you say that? Your philosophy is beautiful and true.

E.B.: Well, thank you for saying that. It is beautiful and true, but humans have gone so far away from focusing on the "beautiful and true" and it is almost too much for this bunny to handle. I don't know what to do anymore. But..... there is a way.........maybe you can help?

P.S.: Me? I'm just a pet sitter. How can I help?

E.B.: You can share my philosophy with other humans. You are on social media and you see lots of people in your daily life. You can share my message. After all, who's going to listen to a furry bunny in a cute outfit about something so serious and profound? I'll keep trying with the eggs, but I need more help. I'm not a young bunny anymore....

P.S.: You have a point there, but I am listening to you. Boy, this interview isn't going the way I thought it would.

E.B.: Are you disappointed?

P.S.: No, that isn't the word for it. Surprised, I'd say. I must say that I once knew that Easter Eggs symbolized the resurrection of Jesus, and I guess I forgot. Maybe the culture in which I live has slowly eroded this memory. We are all about the externals of Easter, not the real meaning of it these days. Many people don't even go to church on Easter nor do they even mention Jesus' Name unless they are using it when they are angry. So sad....

Yes, I know that the egg symbolism was "borrowed" from a much older pagan belief, but I also remember that one of the goals of Christianity is to spread the Truth and "Christianize" the world - to make things holy - and I guess that means taking old symbols and making them new to reflect the Truth with a capital "T".

E.B.: Do you think you can help me spread this Good News - or re-spread it? Can you help remind people about the real meaning of Easter?

P.S.: Well, yes, E.B. I will try. I will start by printing this interview with you and putting it in my pet sitting blog.

E.B.: Oh, that is good! Thank you.

P.S.: I do have another question, but at this point, it might be a little petty, but as a pet sitter this is weighing on my mind.

E.B.: Ask away my friend!

P.S.: When you were a small bunny, did you ever have a pet sitter of your own?

E.B.: Oh yes, I did. It was my pet sitter who first used to tell me about Jesus. She'd sing songs to me that she learned at her church. She blessed me on my forehead before she'd leave the house. It was my pet sitter who inspired me to become the Easter Bunny !! You see, I am just a little bunny. What can I do to share the Gospel of Jesus with the world? I thought and thought and eventually my thoughts made me become the Easter bunny! I presented my ideas to Jesus, and He gave me my superpowers.

P.S.: That is amazing! It makes me think of something else.....

E.B.: What?

P.S. If a little bunny can ask Jesus for superpowers and can spread so much joy and love around the world, then I do wonder what I can do to help.

E.B.: Yes...........? (Long pause)

P.S.: Maybe I will do more than just reprint this interview. Maybe I will talk to Jesus too and offer Him my small gifts and talents and maybe I can share the Gospel too. The world certainly needs some good news these days. The world needs Jesus big time!

E.B.: Well then, looks like you better get home, type up this interview, and get thinking!

P.S.: Thank you E.B. . You've been an inspiration to me. I will never look at an Easter Egg again without thinking of the resurrection of Jesus, and thanks to you, I will do a better job of spreading the Good News to all.

E.B.: Well, then. I think our work here is done. Mrs. E.B. is calling me home for lunch and I can already smell that carrot soup! Bye now.....

Thank you for reading my interview with the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter everyone!


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