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A Little Ditty on Pet Sitting and Pet Rescue in the Bible

God calls us to be pet sitters - it's in the Bible!

I had an "Aha!" moment a few years into running my pet sitting business.

A lady had asked me "Do you care for sheep?". I said I would be glad to if she showed me how to care for them and so we went from there. She introduced me to her small flock of about 24 sheep and gave me a lesson in sheep care. I was a backup just in case they had an emergency. I never ended up being in charge of the sheep but I felt prepared should they ever have the need.

I also have a long history of doing Youth Ministry so the whole "Sheep/Good Shepherd" symbolism means a lot to me. As a professional pet sitter (which I did in tandem with Youth Ministry for a while....) I certainly felt like a shepherdess for all the various pets I had in my care. The two fields went hand in hand, or paw in paw!

Meeting those sheep got me thinking.......what is God's take on pet sitting and caring for animals in general? I noticed something interesting right away.

If you look at the Book of Genesis in the Bible you can read how God made the world and everything in it. All the animals. All of nature. Human beings. He made all of it.

It seems to me that the two first careers he gave us were those of gardening and caring for animals. He put humanity to rule over the earth and all of creation. He gave Adam the job of naming all the animals. What fun that must have been! But of course, Adam probably had plenty of spare time. There were no cell phones, computers, radios, or TVs to distract him. There was no work traffic to contend with or shopping to do. Time was his friend.

Another thought was how, beyond caretaking, he gave Noah the responsibility of saving two of each animal and putting them in the Ark so all the animal species could be saved and repopulate the earth after the Great Flood. Noah had the first animal rescue building - the Ark!

Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd too so doesn't that make him a "pet sitter" of sorts? To my mind, yes, he is, except WE are his sheep. He cares for us.

To me, being a professional pet sitter and caring for animals is very biblical. It is very much in line with living how God wants us to live - to care for the earth, animals, and each other.

I suppose one could make a deep dive into the Bible and find many more examples. I just wanted to toss this idea out there for all of you, my wonderful readers. Maybe you will do your own research and see what you can find too!?

I'd be interested to see what you come up with!


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