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16 reasons why someone should NOT start a pet sitting business

Read this if you are thinking of starting a pet sitting business.

Thinking of starting a pet sitting business this year? I invite you to consider this post as part of your research into the field of professional pet sitting.

Like any profession, pet sitting requires a certain skill set. It also requires certain personal qualities, and I would argue that it also requires certain life circumstances for it to work well, especially if you are going to start, and remain, a solo pet sitter (without employees or independent contractors).

I hope these points will help you discern your small business goals in 2021. Of course, I'm leaving out the obvious reason ~ "you are not an animal lover"!

1. Think twice if you are impatient by nature because pet sitting requires patience with pets, with their owners, and with a surprise mix of circumstances that will be part of your day as a pet sitter.

2. Are you uncomfortable with customer service or just plain 'ol don't like it? While you spend most of your time with the pets once you get started, you still have to be great with customer service because it will be the pet owners who pay you and recommend you to others, and whom you'll be communicating with regarding the welfare of the pet(s).

3. Are you a late sleeper? Pet sitters get up early and are out the door caring for pets and walking dogs at an early hour. The reverse is true for those who like to go to bed early and pet sitting may mess up that personal practice.

4. Do you love to be free on holidays and weekends for fun, friends, and family? In pet sitting most sitters are out and about pet sitting on holidays and weekends. If you are not planning on pet sitting at those times then consider a reduction in your business clientele because holidays and weekends are when many people are away on vacations.

5. If you are someone who is okay with getting up early, but not for pets, think again. Perhaps you have an early morning routine of exercising or getting your kids off to school and that is a priority for you over early morning pet runs.

6. You aren't interested in doing the other parts of having a pet sitting business such as marketing and financial paperwork.

7. You are someone with tons of family and personal commitments that you just don't want to give up or which don't allow you to be flexible enough for the pet sitting profession.

8. You don't have a reliable car or you don't like driving or putting pets in your car.

9. You aren't interested in learning about the various types of pets and breeds that you'll be sitting for.

10. You don't want a flexible schedule where every day and every week can be very different from the last. You want a stable routine.

11. You aren't comfortable with last-minute schedule changes and flexibility of duties due to various circumstances.

12. You are physically unable to do the job. You have health issues that prohibit you from doing things like walking large strong dogs, unlocking tough door locks, at a client's home, climbing stairs, etc. Be aware of your limitations.

13. You are very anxious about being in someone's private home when they aren't there, or walking dogs late at night, or you aren't able/comfortable in handling emergency situations.

14. You are someone who is frequently late for appointments and don't have a good sense of timing.

15. You think you'll make lots of money right away. It takes time to grow a profitable pet sitting business. Please see my posts as pet sitting as a lifestyle business.

16. You can't deal with cat vomit or pooper scooping!

I hope these comments will help you in discerning whether you should go into the pet sitting business or not. If you can think of other reasons please shoot me an e-mail at and share! Thank you!


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