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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Sitters

As I write this, we are just 45 days away from the feast of Christmas. 2020 has not been a normal year and I think some people have had little time to think about making their Christmas shopping lists. This blog will give you some great ideas for gifts for pet sitters.

Do you have a pet sitter in the family or a friend who is a pet sitter? These practical gift ideas will make your pet sitter smile, sigh, and say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

These gift ideas are not necessarily expensive - but you can upgrade to something more expensive if you have the means or interest to do so.

1. Pedicures and foot massages - pet sitters do lots of dog walks and over time they can develop foot problems. Help them care for their tired feet with a gift certificate at a local salon or massage therapy place.

2. Coffee or sandwich shop gift certificate - for the pet sitter on the run (and they all are). A quick stop en route to a pet visit for a cup of coffee on a cold wintry day or a refreshing soda on a hot summer day ( or for the folks who pet sit in warmer climes).

3. Gas card - Mileage is the biggest expense for a pet sitter. Having some free gas to fuel their tanks is a great saver for pet sitters.

4. Gloves/mittens - it is so important for pet sitters to carry an extra pair or two in their car. I know from experience that it is easy to drop one in a puddle or lose one mitten or glove and then end up with one very red and cold hand from hanging on to the leash in the middle of a raw and cold day. Waterproof is the best.

5. Top-quality socks - keeping the feet dry is important, so an extra pair or two of socks in the car to change into is a great blessing. My favorites are called Bombas ( I don't get any kickback from them, but I love their socks. A friend gifted me with a couple of pairs of these socks one year and they are my favorites - supportive and well made. And to top it off for every pair purchased, another pair goes to a homeless shelter.

6. Turtle necks/sweaters/sweatshirts - there is nothing like a dog jumping up on a rainy wintry day and the pet sitter gets muddy paw prints all over them. If a sitter can run home in the middle of the day for a break, it is great to switch out clothes to something clean and dry, or something to cozy into after the end of a long day on one's feet.

7. Rain gear - oh, this is so important! I learned from experience that those flimsy rain ponchos aren't the best for keeping dry. They fly away in the wind and the moisture gets underneath. If a pet sitter can get a nice pair of rain pants, good quality raincoat, and hat, they are all set for those days that are unbearable wet.

8. Boots/ rain shoes - this goes with the above gift idea. Give a gift certificate to L.L. Bean or Lands End (again, I get nothing from the company, I'm just saying that because I like them.)

9. Reams of paper - What? Paper? Why am I saying that? Pet sitters use a computer a lot for various business reasons and so they need computer paper. Give a couple of reams with a nice ribbon and they will be grateful!

10. Pet First Aid Kit - most pet sitters have this, but an extra one never hurts (no pun intended) and they can swap out supplies and have everything they need on hand.

11. Flashlight - this is SO important! Pet sitters are dog walking at night or might approach a client's front door and the porch light is out and they have to find the right key for the house. Or, sometimes to enter a house they need to walk around back where it is dark ( I know this from experience too), so a flashlight is necessary. A sitter should have a few extra flashlights in the car at all times. Don't forget to get the sitters batteries to go along with it! An extra benefit is to have a flashlight with a siren on it just in case a sitter encounters a fox or coyote or an aggressive dog along their dog walking route.

12. Reflectors - for clothing and to put on leashes. Very important for night walking.

13. Warm hat - with ear flaps. On a cold wintry day with the wind whipping there is nothing like having a hat with ear flaps!

14. Books - do you have a unique breed of a dog or cat that you'd like your sitter to know more about? Get them a book on it! Sure they can google it, but there is nothing like a real book, ya know what I mean? Have a parrot, aquarium, turtle, snack, or iguana? Get them a book on it!

15. Footbath/skincare items - pet sitters can always use hand or foot lotion, sunscreen, chapstick, those plug-in dry or wet foot massagers.

So, here ya have it! This is a little list to aid you in shopping for your favorite pet sitter!


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