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10 Personal Benefits of Pet Sitting

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

As much work as it can be, professional pet sitting is greatly rewarding and offers many personal benefits for a pet sitter. By personal benefits, I mean how pet sitting enhances our individual lives as human beings. It sort of goes along with keeping the awareness of pet sitting as a lifestyle business that I wrote about in one of my first blog posts.

We have to look beyond the nuts and bolts of this career, or calling, and look at some of the matters of the heart and soul. To me, it is important that people look beyond any job they do and try and find out how that particular career has enhanced them or can enhance them, as a human being while we are walking on this earth.

We all know that many jobs humans do are not considered to be very much fun, but pet sitting is usually one of the exceptions. Yes, someone running a pet sitting business has to make sure they do a good job with marketing, customer service, meet and greet appointments, paper/computer work, financial management, doing pet visits, and other things, but beyond doing what needs to be done for a business, pet sitting is also a whole lot of fun most of the time.

In my experience, pet sitters tend to be easygoing and smile a lot, as well as talk in baby voices to the pets they see each day! Ex: "Oh you cutie wootie little baby doggie, I wuv you sooo much! Look at that wittle furry belly, you are just so cute, yes you are!" You get my drift! If you talked baby talk like that in any other job, except maybe a preschool, you probably wouldn't be there too long, but in pet sitting it is A-OK!

Here are some of the personal benefits, as I see them, of being a professional pet sitter:

1. You get to run your own business and don't have to answer to a boss and you can create your business to be anything you want it to be. This is greatly rewarding for your own personal satisfaction and personal growth opportunities.

2. You get the chance to meet some very interesting people. These interesting people are not just the other pet sitters you'll meet through networking, but they are also your clients. Clients come from all walks of life, all countries, professions, and have great personalities and varied interests. The longer you have a client and the longer you pet sit, the more you'll get to know people. These are people for whom you can be a resource and they can also be a resource to you for other things in your life.

3. You get paid for doing something you like - interacting with, and caring for, a myriad of pets that are forever showering you with unconditional love and are always happy to see you (unless you have a cranky cat on your roster :) ).

4. You can choose to take your vacation anytime it works for you and you can choose to work holidays, or not to work holidays, if you don't want to.

5. You get nicknamed! Over the years, I've been called the dog/cat/bird whisperer, the auntie, the fairy godmother, the Godmother, a little St. Francis, a godsend, a member of the family, etc.... These names of endearment tell you that your clients appreciate what you do for them and their pets. This, in turn, brings joy to you.

6. You get to develop your business any way you want and that helps you become a more satisfied and fulfilled person because you are doing it your own special way and using your creative skills, and using one's creative skills helps someone feel fulfilled.

7. You often get to be out in nature - whether it is the drive between clients' homes or walking dogs in various locales. You experience being out in the rain and snow- which can sometimes be not that much fun, but on other days it is great fun and something you wouldn't ordinarily do if you weren't a pet sitter. Somehow having a dog at the end of a leash is acceptable, while just take a walk in the rain by yourself is somehow looked down upon, like maybe you are crazy or something! You walk by the beach, or in the desert, or in the mountains, or a downtown suburbia park. You get to see the world around you and it is different every day. You tend to lead a healthier lifestyle.

8. Your days are never boring! There is always something new and different to do and you can often tweak things in your schedule to suit your needs. There are lots of moments of joy, wonder, and amazement when working with pets.

9. You don't have to dress up. Looking clean and put together is important of course, but jeans and sneakers are the norms for pet sitting and that saves on clothing costs.

10. When you tell someone you have a pet sitting business the usual response is "That's so cool!" How many little kids say they want to be a veterinarian when they grow up? It is because they think that is probably the only pet field out there, but when you tell a child that you are a pet sitter, they are now aware of another way they can work with pets and suddenly you are a very interesting person to them! Being a professional pet sitter says to the world "you can own a business and have fun at the same time". This is my take on it anyway!

These are just some of the personal benefits pet sitting can offer someone. Yes, pet sitting is work and a business, and it can be stressful at times, but it is joyful work with a lot of personal benefits.

Coming up, I'll be devoting a post to write about some of the things that stress out pet sitters and some of the challenges of the business, but overall, and by far, it is a very happy profession.

Questions for pet sitters:

Have you ever sat down with a cup of coffee or tea and made a list of the personal benefits pet sitting has provided for you?

What are the 3 top things you love about pet sitting?

What brought you to be a pet sitter in the first place? What were you seeking, and, did you find it in the field of pet sitting?


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