The bird sitter dilemma

When I first thought of starting my business, Precious Pets, I was just going to sit for birds. No dogs. No cats. Just birds. When I'm with birds (wild birds outside or domestic pet birds) I can easily lose track of time because I get lost in their beauty and everything about them intrigues me. As it got closer to the business becoming a reality, I realized that I wouldn't have much of a business if I just focused on birds. It seems that a lot of bird people just don't go away. Part of that might be because they have difficulty finding a pet sitter who will care for birds or who is knowledgeable about birds. By "bird care" in this post, I primarily mean exotic birds who live in the home, n

12 things on a professional pet sitter's autumn "To Do" List

Professional pet sitters try to stay pro-active at all times, not just in regards to pet care, but also in how they keep tabs on their business preparations and growth. Pet sitters in New England, and in various parts around the country where their are strong seasonal changes, have to be prepared for each season, and here we find ourselves in a fresh new autumnal season. It is a time for raking, pumpkins, hot cider, and bringing out the woolies, and that also means that it's time to pay attention to certain tasks in the world of pet sitting. Many of my comments in this blog will also be helpful to those pet sitters in other parts of the country too. While some parts of the country do not hav

When prepping, don't forget your pets

My regular readers are probably already aware that there is an ever-growing segment of our population that has been busy prepping. "Prepping" meaning that an increasing number of people are creating a food and supply pantry in their homes just in case there is a second-wave of the Covid-19 virus and they have to quarantine again, for a possible greater disruption in our food supply chain, increasing civil unrest, or another crisis like something weather-related or a terrorist attack. There are a number of issues that could warrant the need for us to become more self-reliant and more prepared for emergencies. If you were once a Girl or Boy Scout, or someone who served in the military, you al

What worries a pet sitter?

When some people think of the ideal of pet sitting they might imagine a happy person with several dogs walking perfectly at the end of their leashes. You might imagine frolicking in a field of flowers playing frisbee with dogs that actually return the frisbees. You might imagine cats peacefully curled up on a pet sitter's lap while they sit next to a lit fireplace in the middle of winter, or a parrot that carries on conversations with their sitter and who never poops on them. Pet sitting, as I've mentioned before, is truly a happy field to be in - whether there are flowers in it or not - LOL! There are so many joys in a pet sitter's day. However, pet sitters are human and have the same s

15 Tips on how to develop good relationships with your pet sitting clients

"I want to start a pet sitting business because I'm tired of working with people - I want to work with pets. Pets are a lot nicer than people!" If you are thinking of starting a pet sitting business and the above quote is where your mindset is, stop, and think again. I've met more than a few people at pet sitting conferences and in other places who were thinking about starting a pet sitting business because they were tired of corporate America or whatever other fields they were in and wanted to hang out with pets all day and stay clear of people. In order to run a pet sitting business with a good reputation, you have to interact and collaborate with people. The dogs and cats and birds and gu