Why I started a Pet Sitting Business

This is a photo of my sweet Puffy the cockatiel and she was instrumental in getting me to start a pet sitting business. Every time I'd bring Puffy to the Avian vet for a check-up the vet would tell me that I should be a pet sitter because she'd never witnessed such a bond between a bird and her owner before. It was an intriguing idea because I always wanted to have a business of some sort, but I knew if I started a pet sitting business I'd have less time to spend with Puffy. I usually spent most of my free time outside of work with Puffy. She was like my kid. Puffy was a wonderful bird, and because she had my full attention, she was also quite spoiled and had so many bird amenities, and then

How I landed a radio gig as a pet sitter without any radio experience

"And we're on in 3 - 2 - 1 - On Air! Welcome to Heidi's Pet show!" A pet sitting business provides a variety of life experiences for pet sitters and being on the radio was one of the most interesting experiences of my career - and I had absolutely no experience in the field of radio. No DJ license (is that even a thing? See I still don't know!). No Broadcasting school training. No working behind the scenes in a radio station. No designs to even be on the radio. Zilch. Nada. Zero. What I did have was a love of talking and a love of pets and pet sitting, but even THAT wasn't the main thing that landed me the radio gig in the first place! I am going to share with my readers how I ended up bein

Kibbles and Tid-Bits: 13 Tips for Pet Owners and Pet Sitters

I'm preparing this post the day after a Tropical Storm hit the east coast. I have tons of twigs, branches, and leaves in my yard that are calling to me to get outside and pick up. Overall, my area did well. No power outage at my place, just a messy yard. It will also be a hot day today so between that and having to clean the yard I thought I'd write a lighter post for all of my wonderful readers. Here is a little smorgasbord of tips that you might find interesting and useful: * Harp music is known to decrease pain and anxiety in pets. * Humpback whale music is known to calm cats. * A good general rule is one litter box per cat per house. * Indoor cats typically live many more years than cat

What is a pet sitting "Extra-Concern" Visit all about?

A Good Idea for Pet Sitters to Consider "Maybe something's wrong. Maybe something's not wrong. Maybe something is starting to be wrong." These are thoughts that occasionally flow through pet sitters' minds when they sense that a problem might be brewing with a pet, or with a client's home. A pet sitter, if truly a "professional", must be aware of many variables during the course of pet sitting and must be in "prevention mode" at all times. Better to prevent a problem then have to go into crisis mode. Here are a few examples to help get this lesson rolling: 1. One example of a brewing problem could be that at a morning pet visit the sitter notices that a cat who usually runs to her food bow