Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit - Part 5

Well, we've come to the last part of talking about what happens at pet sitting visits. But before we lock the door and head out to our next home on our daily roster, we still have just a few more things to do. Speaking of keys, as the photo above has reminded me, while you are pet sitting at someone's house always, and I mean, ALWAYS have your keys somewhere on you. Don't leave them on the counter, or hanging in the door, and don't leave them in your winter coat pocket hanging on the back of the client's kitchen chair. It is so very easy to get yourself locked out of a house when you step outside "for just a minute" to put the pet food can in the recyclable bin or forget that the keys are n

10 Personal Benefits of Pet Sitting

As much work as it can be, professional pet sitting is greatly rewarding and offers many personal benefits for a pet sitter. By personal benefits, I mean how pet sitting enhances our individual lives as human beings. It sort of goes along with keeping the awareness of pet sitting as a lifestyle business that I wrote about in one of my first blog posts. We have to look beyond the nuts and bolts of this career, or calling, and look at some of the matters of the heart and soul. To me, it is important that people look beyond any job they do and try and find out how that particular career has enhanced them or can enhance them, as a human being while we are walking on this earth. We all know that

What I Learned During the First Year of Professional Pet Sitting

GOOD ADVICE FOR NEWBIE PET SITTERS I started my professional pet sitting business in memory of my sweet cockatiel, Puffy. She was my feathery baby and I cried so hard and mourned a long time after she succumbed to an illness. I vowed never to have any more pets because it hurt so much when they died. A few months after she died, my vet's words kept surfacing in my mind "You should be a pet sitter". The thought intrigued me because I could still have pets in my life, but in a different way. Plus I had always wanted to be some sort of entrepreneur and starting up a pet sitting business wasn't that costly. Almost a year to the date after Puffy died, I opened my business, "Precious Pets". I ca

Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit - Part 4

Once we merge into Part 4 of a pet sitting visit, we are starting to wind down our services for that particular visit. This part is where a sitter should communicate to the client what services were provided and how the pets are doing. This can be done in several ways. How we communicate to the owner at the end of a pet visit depends partly on what the client prefers but also depends on what the pet sitter can provide. Because each sitter runs his own business differently, communication will be different. If a particular pet sitter is someone who only uses technology to communicate with clients, have a Plan B because if you do lose your device or have to deal with a power outage, you should