Cats or Criminals?

Cats are cute, but some are criminals! I once knew two cats that loved to "hunt" for their owners' socks and each time I'd come for a pet visit, there would be another sock or two in a pile. After a week of pet sitting there would be a nice sized pile of socks on the bedroom rug. At another house, thankfully, the owner gave me the head's up that one of her cats loved to open the kitchen cabinets. She said he'd climb on top of the fridge, knock everything off and then proceed to somehow open every upper and lower cabinet and drawer in the kitchen. What a little vandal! I'm very glad she told me about this behavior because otherwise, I would have thought a break-in happened and would have c

Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit - Part 3

I've always said that there is very little sitting in pet sitting, and that is true. A lot of things have to be done during a pet sitting visit. While pet sitters are giving loving care to each pet they are visiting and taking care of anything else the client has asked of them, they must also be mindful of the time so they can get everything done and get to the next client on their list in a timely fashion. So, here we are up to Part 3 of the Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit, and now we are getting into the heart of it all. After a pet sitter knows that all is well outside and that the interior of their client's home is secure and safe for the pets, it is time to move on to the meat of the vis

Kiltie's Gift

For many years I walked a little Scottie dog named Kiltie. I first met her when she was six months old. She was a furry ball of enthusiasm for all that life sent her way. She remained that way for all the years I had the privilege of knowing her. Any pet sitter will tell you that just like children, each pet we care for is a special blessing that can teach us incredible things and bring us much joy. Kiltie is just one of the many examples I have to share about the sweet pets I had the opportunity to care for over the years through my pet sitting business. Today I'm going to share with you the depth of connection and love that little Kiltie expressed for one of her special friends. It truly b

Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit - Part 2

(This is the second in a series about what happens at a pet sitting visit.) Let's continue talking about how a pet visit plays out, shall we? When we left Part 1, we were about to enter a client's house, so we will move on from there. A pet sitter enters the home, and if the pets are not at the door to greet her, she locates them for, at the very least, a visual to make sure they are okay. I say just" a visual" at the least because sometimes a sitter has a pet that enjoys hiding under the bed or snoozing in some special place and they may not want to leave their spot to greet anyone. Unless an obvious issue is detected the second a sitter walks into the home, finding and greeting the pets to