Anatomy of a Pet Sitting Visit - Part 1

Is there a right and wrong way to do a pet sitting visit? I don't think we can be so cut and dry as to say that. However, I do believe there are certain tasks that must be done during a pet sitting visit that should never be overlooked and other things should be considered to add on top of those tasks if a pet sitter wants to be top-notch in his/her field! These certain tasks have to happen in order to have a successful visit and minimize and hopefully eliminate any mistakes that could be made before a sitter moves on to the next client's house. As you will see by the time you read to the end of this post, there are quite a few things to take into consideration when carrying out a successfu

20 Pet sitting strategies for pandemic times - what pet sitters can do when business is slow

No doubt, like most other businesses, many pet sitting businesses are experiencing some downtimes during this pandemic. Many people must stay home. Business trips are canceled. Vacations are canceled. Even though our country is starting to open up, things will probably be slow for a while. What's a pet sitter to do? A pet sitter can freak out and think they are sunk because business isn't coming in and their schedule is greatly reduced. The optimist would say to use this time wisely and so I'd like to share some ideas and thoughts that might help pet sitters weather the storm and come out shining in the sun long after it is all over. 1. Many people are re-evaluating their lives during thi

Can you pray with our dog?

It was mid-October and very cold. I pulled my car into the stone driveway of a potential new client for a scheduled Meet and Greet appointment. The house was old, very old. It was probably built sometime in the 1700s. The fence gate that opened to the sidewalk was rickety and squeaked when I pushed it. Across the country road was an old red barn and the closest neighbors on either side were about a mile away. As I used the door knocker (there was no doorbell) a gust of wind hit my face and I snuggled deeper into my down coat. I heard footsteps and the door was opened by a distinguished-looking older couple with wide smiles. Between the two of them, an old tall gray Irish wolfhound squeezed

Can you walk my turtle?

I received an inquiry call one day from a lovely lady who had several pets - a Westie, two parakeets, some fish in an aquarium on the kitchen counter, an outside goldfish pond, and a turtle. We had a great phone call and scheduled a Meet and Greet appointment. At the Meet and Greet, I gathered all the necessary information about each pet's needs. I asked more questions about the goldfish pond because that was something that was new to me. Pet sitters should never be shy about asking questions. There are many different types of pets and unless the sitter is also a Veterinarian, chances are there will always be questions that need to be asked. I had previously cared for a couple of turtles, a