Pet sitter preparations before a scheduled Meet and Greet

A professional pet sitter must be prepared for a Meet and Greet with a new client. Being prepared demonstrates that a sitter knows what he/she is doing in regards to business matters, and helps the meeting go smoothly. Preparation says a lot to a potential client. In advance of the Meet and Greet pet sitters need to gather all necessary information and forms so they aren't fumbling for the correct form or apologizing for not having something with them during the Meet and Greet. Another part of the preparation, besides the paperwork part of it, is to contact the potential client the day before to confirm the meeting. This assures that mistakes are not made on either part so that the sitter do

Pet Sitting - First Impressions

Pets always make a great first impression - how can we not be impressed by their cuteness and honesty? Just take a look at the photo I posted here - this is Boo - it is impossible for him to make a bad first impression. His friendly face, great eye contact, body slightly leaning forward shows interest in the photographer and his relaxed body language easily makes a good first impression. People, on the other hand, can give mixed first impressions, so this is the topic of today's blog. First impressions in pet sitting, or any other profession for that matter, are important and set the stage going forward in any type of relationship, so it should be of utmost concern to all of us how we pres

The joy of pet sitting

Pet sitting is an awesome service and lifestyle business because it creates joy and peace of mind for so many people and their pets. It also gives much joy to pet sitters! One thing I've said frequently regarding pet sitting is that "there is very little actual 'sitting' in pet sitting". This is because a typical pet visit involves many tasks ~ anything from dog walking, feeding, scooping litter boxes, cleaning bird and other small animal cages, administering medications, doing things in the client's home if needed, taking in the mail, filling outside bird feeders, watering plants, and other things. It is a very active business to have. As I mentioned in last week's post, it was also the m

How pet sitting enhanced my life

When I started my pet sitting business, "Precious Pets", I never would have imagined how much being a pet sitter would enhance my life. Little did I know how much the pets and people I would encounter during these years would improve my life and help me grow not only as a professional business person but as a human being. I wish I had counted all the pets I cared for over the years, but there were many: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, turtles, fish, a couple of frogs, chickens, hamsters, gerbils, and I even had a small flock of sheep on my roster for a summer. Each taught me something. Each gave me joy and intrigued me with their behaviors and little unique personalities. Every day was different

16 questions pet owners should ask when looking to hire a pet sitter

Sometimes pet owners aren't sure what to ask a potential pet sitter. They might think "I need someone to feed and walk my dog. I need a pet sitter.", but they may not know some of the other important questions that should be asked when determining what pet sitter is the best for them and their pets. You see, pet sitting is a collaborative partnership between a pet sitter and pet owner. Each person is looking for a good connection for the benefit of all involved resulting in the pet owner hiring a stellar pet sitter, a pet that is loved and the recipient of great care, and the pet sitter earning a living. The pet sitter wants a positive connection to pet owners who are responsible, communicat