How to decide if starting a Pet Sitting business is right for you

Have you ever thought about starting your own pet sitting business? If yes, or even if it is just a "maybe", read on. This post can help you figure out if a professional pet sitting business would be a good next step in your life. The first question to ask yourself is "Why? Why does this particular type of business peak my interest? Am I interested in a pet sitting business because I love pets and want to spend more time with them? Is it because this is a business that is fairly economical to start? Is it mainly because I think it is an easy way to make some money?" Perhaps a combo of all of these is at play. Pet sitting is a business in which you will have access to other people's homes an

Pet sitting during the Coronavirus: 11 ways pet sitters can stay healthy

Pet sitters are some of the dedicated people on the front lines during this Coronavirus and great care must be taken during the course of their days to ensure health for themselves and the clients they serve. The pandemic may have escalated while a pet sitter's clients were away and perhaps their clients can't get home, so guess what? The pet sitter has to continue caring for the clients' pets until they get home. This means venturing out into the community and having contact with pets and possibly infected surfaces until the clients return. In addition, pet sitters may be providing continued dog walking services for people who are self-isolating in their homes and can't or don't want to wa

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and snuggling with pets

Within the last couple of days, I've become aware that pet sitters, pet owners, and pet lovers apparently need to be aware of another concern with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) - contact with pets! Both the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association (website for both are at the base of this post) have cautioned that experts are not 100% sure if the virus spreads between people and pets, and vice versa, so they are recommending that we limit close contact with our pets, and for pet sitters, this includes your pet clients as well. The experts recommend that we don't snuggle with our pets, share food, and give the wonderful hugs and kisses we like to give our pets, during this time of vir

Setting yourself apart from other pet sitting businesses

As promised in the last post, today I'm going to share with you a practice I developed that seemed to set me apart from other pet sitters in my area. I didn't think I was doing anything special until clients started pointing it out to me. Each pet sitter runs his/her business in a way that works for them. Pet sitters, consider your personal qualities and experience when trying to make your pet sitting business unique to you and something that will create a standout experience for the clients. In addition to pet sitting, I have a long history of experience in the human services field and I'm also a freelance writer. Human services jobs, for those of you who know, are heavy into documentati

The Coronavirus, cruise ships, and pet care

On the news today, a reporter stated that the people who can't leave cruise ships due to the Coronavirus are aching to get back home to their regular lives, their family, and their pets. When I heard that, I knew I had to get busy and write this post. It's situations like this when pet owners find out just how valuable their pet sitters really are. A good pet sitter will always discuss out of the ordinary travel situations that may occur far before the actual situation arises - usually at the pet sitting Meet and Greet. And if not then, the conversation has to happen just prior to a trip. Doing this gives added comfort and peace of mind to the pet sitting client, even though at the time th

What's a pet-sitting "Meet and Greet" all about?

When we think of "meet and greet" events we usually think of them as an opportunity for fans to meet their favorite celebrities after a concert. That's true, but the term is being used more widely these days and it applies to pet sitting too. In the world of pet sitting, a "meet and greet" is something that happens in the form of an appointment where pet sitters meet future pet sitting clients at their homes to gather information about their pet sitting needs and to discuss and firm up pet sitting services and dates. It is usually scheduled after the initial contact is made (please see my previous post on the initial contact) between the sitter and a potential client. What happens at a pet