Initial Contact with a Pet Sitter

Consider this possible scenario: You rescued two cats a few months ago and now they are a delightful part of your family! Today, your boss informed you that in two weeks you'll have to go on a weekend business trip. Your husband will also be away on that same weekend volunteering on a church retreat and your children live away at college. Your relatives are not local and you don't want to impose on your super busy friends and neighbors. There's no doubt about it - you need a pet sitter! Since you've already read my post on how to find a pet sitter and you've narrowed your list down to one or two sitters you'd like to check out, you're all set to reach out. You're on your way to a great new

Finding a Pet Sitter in Your Area

Have you ever had a difficult time finding a pet sitter? I can guarantee that the pet sitters in your area are not lost, nor are they hiding from you. They want to be found, so why is it sometimes a challenge to find a pet sitter? Finding a pet sitter, depending on the area in which you live, can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. This, of course, has a little something to do with where you live. If you live in a thriving city the pet sitters, hobby or professional, or even neighbor or relative, can be plentiful. However, if you live in a small community, suburbia, or in a more rural town, then it might be a bit of a hunt. Solo pet sitters may not advertise that much, especial

Pet sitting as a Lifestyle Business

Living life on your own terms is one big reason why people decide to start their own business - any type of business. They can develop the business to be whatever they want, with no boss hanging over their heads, the freedom to have the final say, and doing what is most comfortable for themselves while using their skills in a way that a traditional boss or company may not let them. You can let your creativity and uniqueness shine! I've used the term "Lifestyle Business" to describe my pet sitting business and I'd like to share that philosophy with you, my pet-loving reader, so that perhaps it is something that will help you in the business you currently run or are thinking of running. It

Part Two: The two most important things people expect from a pet sitter

In Part One, I identified the two most important things that pet owners expect from their pet sitters. One was trust and the other was the gift of peace of mind. Let's unpack this a little bit, shall we? Trust and peace of mind do not come automatically in a pet sitter/pet-owner relationship. Sure, there are a few potential clients that might be fine with tossing the keys to their home to you and in a willy nilly sort of way spontaneously trust you with their pets even though they don't know you from Adam (or Eve), but the majority of people are really careful about who they trust with the care of their homes and pets. In fact, if you run across a potential client who does want to just toss