Part One: The two main things people expect from a pet sitter

A good pet sitter prepares a variety of services for their clients. However, there are two things that a pet sitter must provide on a regular basis or she/he will eventually acquire a terrible reputation and end up going out of business. First, pet sitters have to realize exactly what a client is committing to when they say "You can be my pet sitter". New clients are taking a leap of faith. They are giving you the keys to their homes, and sometimes even an alarm code. They are putting themselves in a vulnerable position by giving you access to their homes. Within the walls of their homes are all their earthly possessions and their beloved pets - their furry, feathery and scaley babies - in

Different types of Pet Sitters

The type of pet sitter someone chooses depends on their needs, their support resources, and their budgets. What type do you need? When I was a child neighbors and friends would often care for each others' pets. As early as 4th or 5th grade I remember taking care of one of my neighbor's pets for them when they went away. My mother would give me their house key, I'd go across the street and would let myself into their home with the key. I'd feed their fish and pet snake within a few minutes, lock up and return home where one of my parents would ask me if I remembered to lock their door on the way out, and that was that until the next day. I'd earn 50 cents a day and I thought I was a big deal

Introductory Post

Welcome to Precious Pets' Blog Spot! This blog is being written for the benefit of pet owners, pet owners to be, pet sitters who want to become the best they can be, and for people looking for a pet sitter and want more info on how to go about finding the right one. This blog is also about the wonderful connections that happens between pet owners and pet sitters for the good of their precious pets! Veterinarians and other professionals who work with pets will also find it informative. Precious Pets' blog will: * Explore the important role of pet sitters in the lives of their clients. * Help readers choose the pet sitter that is right for their needs. * Help professional pet sitters beco